Society of Bio-resource, Environment and Agricultural Research
Welcome to the Society of Bio-resource, Environment and Agricultural Research (SBEAR), Santiniketan, INDIA
ISSN 2454 3551
To contribute to the science of agriculture through high-­quality publications.
To inspire and educate people about sustainable agriculture, and allow them to make informed decisions which recognize the importance of agriculture and its advances.
To arrange and organize lectures, debates, discussions, seminar, symposia and excursions for the dissemination of research knowledge and provide a forum for communication between agriculturalists and to grow and support communities among them.
To encourage the farmers for establishment of bio-village, seed village, small post-harvest unit.
To provide agricultural education as a career for the drop out school level students.
The Society will collaborate with like-minded National and International Institute, Research Institute/Organizations, Universities with relevant fields.
To do all social welfare activities including awareness campaigns, public health, conservation of biodiversity, establishment of basic and adult education centre and other developmental works for the welfare of the local people.
To promote organic farming, towards the production of safe and quality food.
To provide leadership in sustaining the social structure of rural communities, maintaining educational opportunities and traditional activities in communities.
To motivate farmers’ / SHGs for improving their livelihood through cooperative manner
             For quality productions, seeds and breeds in the suitable field, soil health, utilization of eco-friendly insecticide and pesticide, biofertilizers etc. is still required exhaustive extension work among the farmers. Residual effect of grains cultivated in the soil impregnated with heavy metals, climate change, non-judicious use of ground water  are now a big problems; where immediate measures to be taken to solve. SBEAR will also take care to mitigate the problems as well as to serve the people for better tomorrow in all respect.

Objective :          
Hope, one day SBEAR would be an inevitable part of social life.