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1. Socio-economic Status of Pig Farmers in Nadia District of West Bengal
N.K. Tudu, S.K. Pyne, K. K. Goswami, N. Ghoshand, D.C. Roy
2. Effect of Sulphur Fertilization on Growth, Yield and Quality of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) in Mid Central Zone of Odisha
Sidhu Murmu,  Kanu Murmu and Manoranjan Satapathy

3. Effect of Phosphorus on Yield and Quality of Multi Cut Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) Fodder in the New Gangetic Flood Plains of West Bengal
D.C. Roy, N.K.Tudu, M. Ray, M. C. Pakhira and H. Das
4. Prevalence of Parasitic Infestation in Three Colour Varieties of Bengal Goats
N. K. Tudu, S. K. Pyne and N. Ghosh
5. Preparation of Raisin from Grapes Varieties Grown in Punjab With Different Processing Treatments
Goutam Mandal and A. K. Thakur
6. Exploration and Collection of Oil Palm Germplasm from Little Andaman
Goutam Mandal, R.K. Mathur, K. Sunil Kumar and P. Murugesan
7. Studies on Trace Minerals in Cow and Buffalo Milk in Red Lateritic Zone of West Bengal.
M. Mondal , S. K. Pyne ,G. Samanta and R. Roy
8. National Trends on Agricultural Crop (Tea) Production and Export: A Statistical Analysis
D. S. Dhakre
Growth and Productivity of Hybrid Rice as Influenced by Crop Establishment Techniques, Nitrogen Levels and Homo-brassinolide
K. Pramanik and A.K. Bera
10. Root-knot of Portulaca grandiflora in West Bengal, India
Rishu Sharma, Dinesh Chandra Khatua and Bholanath Mondal
11. Studies on the Bio-efficacy of Some Biopesticides on the Biology of Pulse Beetle, Callosobruchus chinensis
Swarnali Bhattacharya and Tapamay Dhar
Effect of Coconut Water and Ascorbic acid on Shoot Regeneration in Banana Variety Dwarf Cavendish
Sananda Mondal, Mukesh Kumar Ahirwar, Mukesh Kumar Singh and R.P. Singh
13. Fluoride Toxicity Stress: Physiological and Biochemical Consequences on Plants
D. Panda
14. Instability in Wheat Production in Chhattisgarh: A Decomposition Analysis
Alok Shrivastava, S Mahajan, K K Choudhary, D S Dhakre and R R Saxena
Poultry Viscera as an Alternative of Fishmeal in Compound Diet Confirms Better Growth Performances of Magur Fish, Clarias batrachus (Linn).
Saroj Kumar Pyne, Pratyush Bhaskar and  Arun Kumar Ray
16. Precision Agriculture Technology Application: An Introduction
H.P.W. Jayasuriya, Kishore C. Swain and Ibrahim Hameed
17. Biodiversity Preservation and Restoration: Concern for Ethics
Debabrata Das Gupta
International Journal of Bio-resource, Environment and Agricultural Sciences (IJBEAS) Volume 1 No.1 March 2015