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International Journal of Bio-resource, Environment and Agricultural Sciences (IJBEAS) Volume 2 No.4 December 2016
1. Impact Assessment Of An Intervention 'Improved Pig Farming Technology' For Livelihood Improvement Of Rural Poor At Dhalai District, Tripura.
Ajit Kumar Roy
Groundwater Irrigation And Agricultural Development In India: Need For Natural Resource Management
Achiransu Acharyya
3. Consumers’ Perception On Pesticide Residues In Fruits And Vegetables
B. Mishra and A. K. Prusty
4. Long-Term Effect Of Crop Residues And Zinc Fertilizer On Crop Yields, Nutrient Uptake And Fertility Buildup Under Rice-Wheat Cropping System In Calciorthents
Vipin Kumar and Bishnuprasad Dash
5. Global Dimming: Its Causes, Impacts And Some Possible Control Measures
Argha Ghosh
6. Modelling Of Thin Layer Drying Characteristics Of Green Mango Slices
Mayank Mishra and R.N Shukla
Suitability Of Mexican Beetle (ZygogrammaBicolorata)For The Management Of Parthenium Hysterophorus As Influenced By Weather Parameters In West Bengal
A. K. Dolai, P. Ghosh, M. K. Bhowmick, R. K. Ghosh, P. Bandyopadhyay, A. K. Hembram and A. Das