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International Journal of Bio-resource, Environment and Agricultural Sciences (IJBEAS) Volume 3 No.1 March 2017
1. Incidence of Citrus Canker on Acid Lime in Red and Lateritic Agro-Climatic Zone of West Bengal, India
Uttam Mondal, Bholanath Mondal and Palash Mondal
2. Agronomic Performance For Tuber Characters in Winged Bean [Psophocarpustetragonolobus (L.) Dc.]Achal Kant, R. Nandanand P. C. Kole
3. Impact of Nursery Management on Seedling Vigour and Post Flood Survival of Rice (Oryzasatival.) Under Flash Flood Condition
B. S. Bishoyi, B. Duary , S. S. Nanda and U. K. Behera
4. A Review on Biology of ChromolaenaOdorata
Jyotirmoy Mondal and Anindya Sundar Ray
5. Herbicidal Management of Weeds in Non-Crop Areas
Malay K. Bhowmick, B. Duary, P. Bhattacharyya, M. C. Dhara and P. K. Biswas
6. Conservation and Wise Use of Wetland Ecosystem For Water and Crop Productivity, Livelihood Security and Rural Sustainability
A. M. Puste, S. K. Gunri, K. Jana, S. Biswas, S. Goswami and M. Dasgupta
7. Identification of Superior High Yielding Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus L.) Hybrids ForRabi-Summer Season In Reaction to Sunflower Wilt in West Bengal
S. S. Lakshman, N. R. Chakraborty and P. C. Koley
8. Development of Model Villages as Effective Outreach Strategy For Sustainability of Indian Agriculture
Sangeeta Bhattacharyya and K. Ponnusamy